The Demon Conspiracy

The Demon Conspiracy Series, Book 1

The Demon Conspiracy


Jon, Kelly, and Travis Bishop move in with a foster family in northern Virginia, and it seems their lives may finally be normal again. When they become trapped deep within a cave, they witness a five-year pact between a powerful businessman and the demon world that promises to launch the greatest war in history.

The good news? The kids made a video of the entire event.
The bad news? The video may still be in the demon-infested cave, and nobody believes their story.

The Demon Conspiracy is a storm of heart-pounding terror, profound mystery, and unforgettable characters. It is the only Young Adult novel series required by the American Security Administration to post a warning about potential adverse psychological effects on the reader.


The Demon Conspiracy by R.L. Gemmill is Book 1 of The Demon Conspiracy Series.

Kelly, Jon, and Travis Bishop are orphaned after an accident and, after being shuffled around, they finally get placed with a family in Northern Virginia. At last, life can get back to normal. Or can it? The family takes a trip to Crystal Creek Park and heads down into a cave, but things go wrong when an earthquake strikes and they are trapped deep inside. That’s not the problem though; the problem is, the cave is full of demons and the kids video a pact made between the demons and a tall businessman. When they get out of the cave, a rescue bid is mounted to save those trapped inside, but that’s when the real terror begins. Nobody believes the kids about the demons and the video may still be in the cave. It’s a race against time and demons to save the world.

The Demon Conspiracy (Book 1 of The Demon Conspiracy Series) by R.L. Gemmill starts with a warning from the American Security Administration about the possible psychological effects that the story may cause some readers. The story is written with the point of view changing from chapter to chapter between characters, all of whom are incredibly well developed throughout the story. They are written in such a way that, almost immediately, you will bond with them, and form an unbreakable connection that will stay with you throughout the whole story. The writing style is incredibly visual, allowing you to play the story in your mind as you read it. I must admit to choking back a bit of laughter when the demons began speaking, but other than that, this is
…an intense story that will have any reader, young or old, hooked from the start. It made a refreshing change to read something quite different in the paranormal genre and I am going to read the rest of the series.

Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite: Book Reviews and Award Contest