Welcome to my world…the world of The Demon Conspiracy Series.  I’m R. L. Gemmill, author, husband, father of two, retired teacher and coach, former haunter of vacant houses, and wannabe world traveler with big plans to live in other places.

As an author, I wrote The Demon Conspiracy.  It won an award that made me feel good, so I wrote some sequels.  In fact, I’m still writing sequels.  Some people say I’m writing the history of the future of the world.  I hope not.

My major accomplishments include surviving 32 years in high school classrooms, hitchhiking across the USA, sleeping with porcupines, deer, and cows (not at the same time, silly), and surviving a full night in the Valley of the Skunks.

Writing books used to be a hobby.  Now it’s what I do.  Check out The Demon Conspiracy Series and take the Gemmill Challenge:  read the first chapter of the first book in my series.  If you don’t like it, stop reading and trash it.  Hey, I’m betting you won’t want to put it down.